Sales Letters That Compel
Your Haters To Buy From You!

Sales letters must be convincing, persuasive, invoke emotions, and solve a problem. If that was not enough, they must also have a compelling call to action that inspires the masses to TAKE ACTION NOW!

sales letters

Who Needs a Sales Letter?

Anyone selling a product or providing a service that requires a sales pitch that wows readers, gets them to subscribe, sign-up, or purchase the product or service being pitched.

The best sales letters are so gripping that they compel your haters and enemies to purchase from you. They will never admit such, but yes, they clicked that BUY NOW button because they couldn’t resist their primal urges triggered by your provocative sales letter!

At Bound To Write, our sales letters will spark the masses to subscribe, share, sign-up, or purchase; it depends on your stated objective. Our success is based on tried and proven formulas backed by little known psychological strategies.

There is something empowering about understanding the right words, emotional triggers, and subconscious motivations that propel people to action. Every sales letter we write is secretly crafted to provoke and inflame specific emotions.

By the time the readers get midway through the sales pitch (which doesn’t feel like a sales pitch), they are hooked! At that point, many of them have already decided to purchase, subscribe, or sign-up. As they continue reading, that URGE to take action now surges through the core of their being.

I Want It NOW!

They want what we are selling, and nothing will stop them from clicking that BUY NOW button! If you want your potential clients, subscribers, and opt-ins to have that same urgency and burning desire, click on the Get a Quote button, and let’s get started TODAY!