Blog Writing That Grabs And Keeps Your Reader’s Short Attention Span

Most webmasters and bloggers will tell you that blog writing is one of the most monotonous and laborious facets of blogging.

The truth be told, bloggers love putting out quality, valuable information, but they HATE writing!

The time that it takes to complete one article from start to finish can be mind-boggling. Here are some of the essential elements that are part of blog writing.

Blog Writing

Are You Up For Blog Writing?

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The time factor involved in writing a twelve-hundred-word article (unless you are a trained and experienced professional blog writer) usually takes around two whole days. So, what if you needed to write twenty-eight articles? That would take a grand total of fifty-six days, almost two months! Are you prepared for that?

Let’s take it a step further.

What if you get the initial keyword research wrong? Or fail to do it altogether? The net result is that your articles will never achieve any SEO rankings, which means they will never be found by those searching for what you are offering.

Is that what you want? To be invisible to searchers after laboring fifty-six days to write those twenty-eight articles? That’s what happens to most bloggers; their articles, blog posts, and other written content are invisible to the search engines and searchers.

You can avoid the above scenario by choosing Bound To Write to craft all of your written content.

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