Web Copy That Converts Like
Crazy In 10 Seconds Or Less!

Hello! You’re probably wondering, “What does belly dancing have to do with great web copy?” Everything! Like belly dancing, great web copy seduces, allures, and captivates; keep reading and watching!

The Dance

We’ve got ten seconds to thoroughly persuade you beyond a shadow of a doubt to buy what we are selling. We will do such an amazing job that you (like many others before you) will be hypnotized into a trance-like state to do exactly as we planned!

Remember, all we have is ten seconds!

You can’t fight our commanding web copy; consequently, there is nothing you can do to prevent yourself from being hypnotized into clicking that “Buy Now” button. And, we mean, NOTHING!

We are so convinced of the influence and power of our words that if we take more than ten seconds of your valuable time, without convincing you to go to the very end, we may pay you!

web copy

What Is Web Copy?

web copywriting

Web copy is crafted with imaginative words, clever catchphrases, and mesmerizing sentences focused on mentally stimulating people and encouraging them to take one of many predetermined actions such as:

We Mesmerized You!

The right web copy is like a silky-smooth sensual belly dancer as she smiles while gyrating her hips and torso to the enchanting rhythmic music. As she dances, the viewers become fascinated with her erotic moves; as readers read our web copy, they become so enthralled with our lyrical gems, the next thing they know, they are clicking, just as we choreographed.

Our organic, vitamin, and nutrient-rich web copy will elevate you to heights untold.

Web Copywriter

We Hear You, "I Want It NOW!"

P.S. You made it this far because we are REMARKABLE! Your ten seconds were up long ago; go back and check; we had you at HELLO!

At Bound To Write, we will change your online business’s trajectory; click the “Request a Quote” button and enjoy the dance.