Press Releases
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If you want instant traffic, credibility, and sales, press releases are one of the best Internet Marketing tools to accomplish all the above. Unlike organic SEO, you don’t have to wait for results. And unlike PPC ads, you don’t have to keep paying for your press releases to continue showing. Moreover, PRs put your message in front of laser targeted markets. As a result, your returns are through the roof!

press releases

What are press releases? A press release is a formal announcement that a person, company, or organization releases to the media to distribute it to the public. Press releases can go by different names such as Media release, Press conference, Press statement, and News release.

The content of a great press release will answer the following questions: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Each press release should be concise, no more than a page, be simple to comprehend language, and end with a compelling call to action.

Keep in mind that not all press releases are alike because there a different types of press releases and they each have a different function. For example, the FBI puts out press releases about arrests, suspects, and cases. Their press releases are going to be different than the press releases released by Apple or Microsoft.

Types of Press Releases

10 Reasons To Use Press Releases

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As you can see, the power and reach of press releases are phenomenal. Whether you need a PR that focuses on a product launch, an event, or rebranding, our team of writers will deliver outstanding results. Click on the request a quote button and be on your way to literary excellence!